Our vineyard covers an area of 9 ha, not evenly distributed between 5 grape varieties, of which three international and two local people. Among the autochthonous vineyards, we present the Calabrian Nerello and Nocera, red berry grapes, existing in our territory for several generations. In addition, we have created an assembly with other international varieties (Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon).

All the vineyards are directed at noon overlooking the sea, to make sure that the aroma can have a clear connection with the territory.  The key element is the care of the vineyards, all planted in organic farming.

The grape vineyards present red berries and they are the vineyards that create a fragrant wine with a fine aroma and quite drinkable.

Between international and native vines, our "mission" is identifiable in an important wine, whose characteristics are:

  • diversity in the aromas
  • excellent color vibrancy
  • a fine and balanced wine